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Teen Launches “The Conversation Game” To Connect Peers

    January 2, 2023

    Teenager Addison Vogt is launching her Kickstarter Campaign, The Conversation Game, her first product to help her peers connect when making conversations. Vogt’s design consists of three decks of cards known as The Conversation Game and can help teens connect, start talking, and have fun.

    The three decks each have their purpose. The first one provides ideas to kick off conversations. In the next deck, Addison Vogt deals with texting anxiety, something not uncommon among teens. Finally, a third deck helps deepen conversations, encouraging discussions and debates.

    Addison Vogt’s experience with isolation got her wondering if its effects, especially in the long term, had the same impact on others in her age group. Her research took two years to complete. It entailed approaching guidance counselors, teen psychology experts, and peers, including friends that had moved to other countries and had experienced challenges with friendships, partly because of language barriers.

    Conversation Game Card Stack
    The Only Conversation Starter by Teens for Teens
    “One out of three teens are affected by social anxiety.”

    Vogt holds the prototype deck in her hands as she explains, “One out of three teens are affected by social anxiety, and most find it extremely difficult to reach out.” Then, showing the cards, she explains, “These decks offer the solutions to help them start a conversation and take it to the next level.”

    “Parents often feel scared and confused when faced with a teenager suffering from social anxiety,” Addison says, “and they often look for solutions. So I was inspired to create a way for parents to help their kids find their voice through a question-and-answer game we often played with my parents around the dinner table when creating the three decks.”

    During her research, Addison learned about the importance of socialization for maintaining adolescents’ health and normal development. Whether a young person is socially anxious or doesn’t have a solid and supporting group of friends, isolation can affect their sleep and cause depression and anxiety. The worrying results are the creation of a negative outlook and a weakened immune system.

    Addison Vogt, Founder, The Conversation Game.

    Addison speaks about the hours of fun and laughter she had creating the cards with friends. She remains grateful to everyone who contributed to their development, including teachers and professionals who listened and guided her progress. During the process, Addison Vogt relied on other teens for feedback, creating even more friendships.

    The three decks of the Conversation Game designed for teens by teens are about to launch:

    The Converse Deck

    The Converse Deck provides the perfect openers or general conversations, small talk with people you don’t know, or conversations with best friends. The design of this deck is to help you get to know the other person.


    The next deck is called the TTYL (Talk to You Later), designed to help teens start a text or digital conversation. Texting and digital messaging are popular among teens, helping them stay in touch conveniently and casually. However, some need help when it comes to starting communicating from afar. Therefore, the deck is also loaded with conversation starters, helping teens stay connected.

    Would You/What’s Your

    Finally, the Would You/What’s Your deck helps teens to make more meaningful and in-depth conversations with their friends. Each conversation starter poses questions like “Would You…” or “What’s Your…”, creating many topics for chatting opportunities among teens. The questions focus on “rather,” their favorite things, and other teen go-to’s that can keep conversations flowing.

    About The Conversation Game

    Based in Atlanta, Georgia, the teen startup The Conversation Game was founded by Addison Vogt, a high schooler passionate about helping teens connect. Addison began researching the problem of social isolation and social anxiety for a class assignment. Despite considering herself an introvert and loner, Addison had realized the importance of social contact and seeing friends. Therefore, when the teacher asked the students to investigate a social issue that was important to them, Addison decided to look deeper into the importance of reaching out in conversations and how to find ways to help.

    Two years later, her research, interviews with people suffering from social anxiety and psychologists, repeating her designs, and holding focus groups, finally culminated in Addison preparing to launch her packs. Each pack’s specific purpose will help teens connect conversationally online, with texts and in-person, but always in their voice.

    The Kickstarter campaign to help launch The Conversation Game conversation-starting playing cards is in place:

    Instagram: @conversationgame

    Twitter: @ConversationGam