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Card Game: BS

    BS is a fun, exciting game meant for older kids. It takes around 10 minutes and is based around the idea of bluffing. If you need a fun activity for a party or if you need something to keep you occupied with your friends, then this game is for you. 

    For 3-8 players.


    For this game you will need 1 deck of cards, no jokers. 

    Set up:

    Shuffle the cards. Then deal the cards so that every player has an equal number of cards.

    Goal – To get rid of your cards


    Go around the circle, each player putting all their cards in the center face down in numerical order. The first person places their aces, then the next person places their 2s, then 3s, 4s, etc. When a player puts the cards down they say the number of cards they are putting down. A player has to put cards down even if they don’t have any of that card, so if a player doesn’t have any of the cards they need to put down, they can lie and put down other cards, for example, putting down two fours and saying they are threes. However, if someone can tell you are bluffing they can call “BS,” and if they are correct, you take all of the cards from the center. If someone calls “BS” and that person was not bluffing, then the person who called “BS” will have to take all the cards from the center. The first person to run out of cards wins 1st place, then 2nd, 3rd, and so on.