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Card Game: The Math Game

    The Math Game is a great card game for people who want to have fun but also learn. This game can be played as long as you want and is good for people of all ages. If you ever want to work on your math skills this game is for you. 

    For 1, 2, or 3 players. 


    For this game you will need 1 deck of cards, no jokers. 

    Set up:

    Shuffle the cards then put 5 cards face up in a line facing both players. Then put one card above the others face down. This is the solution card.  

    Goal – To get the most cards. 


    Flip over the solution card to start the round. Then try to use the numbers on the cards you are given to make that solution. You can use any operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, exponents) but you have to use the 5 numbers and nothing else (Ace – 1, Jack – 11, Queen – 12, King – 13). The first to get the answer gets to keep all the cards and the game is set up again and continues. The game is finished when you do not have enough cards for another round or you decide to stop playing. The person with more cards wins.

    Modification for younger players – if you are playing with younger people, you can set restrictions on what operations you can use. For example, you could say no exponents or roots, or no multiplication or division, depending on skill level.