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Making connections,


anxious about socializing?

want to make friends, but don’t know where to start?

You Are Not Alone.

The Conversation Game will help you Take the first step.

What is the Conversation Game?

The Conversation Game is made up of conversation starters by teens, for teens. We get it; reaching out can be hard! Starting conversations with new acquaintances or even reaching out to old friends can be stressful, especially if you’re not sure where to start. The Conversation Game is here to make that process easier, to act as a jumping-off point in making new connections, or keeping old ones strong. Our three decks are made up of conversation starters designed specifically for teen conversation, as well as being standard-sized playing cards, meaning they can be used for a quick chat or a card game with friends.

The Conversation Game

The Power of Playing a game

Games are an incredibly powerful tool to help connect with others, build relationships, and have fun. Games help create a casual atmosphere for conversation, whether it’s talking about the game or discussing topics that come up through playing. Gameplay can also allow people to grow closer together through teamwork and collaboration, creating a solid foundation to base a friendship on. For some, starting a conversation out of the blue can be stressful, but playing a game offers a more structured way to be social, have conversations, and make connections.


The Converse deck is perfect for any conversation. Whether it’s with new acquaintances or old friends, this deck will help break the ice!


NGL, starting a conversation over text can be tricky! Our TTYL deck is geared specifically towards starting conversations over text!

Would you…

The Would You/What’s Your deck is made of entirely “would you rather” and “what’s your…” questions. It’s designed for deeper conversation with friends.

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The only conversation starters designed by teens, for teens

Our conversation games are designed to help you take the first step in creating lasting connections.

Our Story

By Teens For Teens

Our mission is to improve teen social interaction while reducing the stress associated with starting a conversation and even meeting someone new. Socializing is an essential part of a teenager’s development and health. Teens who don’t socialize regularly or have close friends are much more likely to experience difficulty sleeping, higher levels of depression and anxiety, or develop higher blood pressure or a weakened immune system. However, socializing can be hard sometimes, especially for teens who experience social anxiety, who have been isolated, or just don’t know where to start. That’s where The Conversation Game can help. Our carefully curated conversation starters provide a jumping-off point into authentic teen conversation, allowing teens to take the first step towards meaningful connections and relationships.

Image of Addison excited about launching the Conversation Game